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Why choose Funkey?

You choose, and Funkey will take care of the rest

We see to the organization of your teambuilding event from request to booking. In need of accommodation, catering, location or transport? No problem, we provide a bespoke formula.

Funkey’s price = provider’s price

The price you pay on Funkey is the same you would pay if you were to book the teambuilding event directly from the provider. So you never pay a surcharge for our activities. You get our service for free!

Quality guaranteed

All activities offered on Funkey have been subjected to a comprehensive quality check. So you can rest assured that your teambuilding event will be a great experience.

Largest offer in Belgium

Funkey currently boasts the broadest range of teambuilding activities in Belgium. This means that we can always provide a teambuilding event that meets all your requirements to the full.

What kind of teambuilding are you looking for?

Pick your choice!



cultuur wandelen ontdekken Gent Ieper Brugge Antwerpen Brussek


eten drinken catering kookworkshop


spel teambuilding




feest party personeel


What do our customers say?

How much does Funkey charge for the service?

As the client, you pay us no extra charges. We arrange everything up to booking at no additional cost. We charge the same prices as our partners, who take care of everything on location. In exceptional cases, however, we do charge a coordination fee if we are required to attend large team events as a point of contact for the client and partners.

Why book your teambuilding at Funkey and not directly with the partner?

If you book your activities at Funkey, you pay the same amount as you pay the partner directly. That means that, on top of your activity, you get our personal service for free. Just tell us what kind of teambuilding you want, and we make it happen!

Does Funkey offer bespoke teambuildings?

Absolutely! At Funkey we tailor every price quote to your needs and budget. You need catering, overnight stay or the perfect location? No problem, we’ll arrange it for you.

Can a booked activity be cancelled?

If a booking gets cancelled due to force majeure (Covid-19, weather, …), you always receive a voucher for the value of the booking, so that the activity can take place another time.

If the booking gets cancelled without force majeure then Funkey charges the costs that have been made to organise your activity. Generally speaking this compensation is a flat rate of 50% of the agreed price, but Funkey reserves the right to claim a higher compensation if needed.

In case the activity gets cancelled without an event of force majeure less than 14 days before the start of the activity, you will be charged the full cost of the activity.

Is Funkey present at the activities?

In most cases we are not. We leave the supervision of the teambuildings to our professional partners.

Only in rare cases of large team events with several different partners and suppliers, a coordinator of Funkey is present to make sure there is a single point of contact who makes sure everything goes as planned.