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Why choose Funkey?

Inspiration: With more than 300 original activities we have something suitable for everyone.
Save time: Easily find the teambuilding fit to your needs. Use our handy teambuilding filter or contact us for personal advice.
Price-quality: We only cooperate with professional screened partners and we employ the same sharp prices as them, without any extra cost.
Satisfied employees: Everything is possible, from only one simple activity till a teambuilding festival with all the trimmings. The pleasure and the togetherness between the participants will always be our number one priority.

What kind of teambuilding are you looking for?

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Find the perfect teambuilding that fits your profile

Choose the criteria for your ideal teambuilding activities

Area/ Region: Do you prefer a teambuilding at your neighbourhood? Select the region in our filter!

Amount: Give an indication from the amount of people who will be joining the teambuilding.

Budget: Budget is very important. Select the available budget for your teambuilding. Funkey offers activities for each budget.

Category: Funkey offers a wide variety of activities, subdivided in different categories.

  • Active activities appeal on your sporty and adventurous character.
  • Cultural activities are perfect for the discoverers and culture lovers.
  • Culinary activities are perfect for the gastronomes that loves gin- and chocolat tastings.
  • Teambuilding games will give you guaranteed a nice and absurd day, with escape rooms, citygames, highland games…
  • Workshops are not just fun, you also develop new skills together like woodworking, ice sculpting, shaking cocktails…
  • At our party activities all bets are off. Time to party!

The Funkey search engine finds the teambuilding that suits you best

Our search engine immediately provides you with fun suggestions for a memorable teambuilding. You can then request a quote directly from our professional partners.

We wish you a lot of success in choosing an activity on our website and of course even more fun with the teambuilding itself. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. The Funkey team is ready for you!

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