Chain reaction

During a Chain Reaction teambuilding or – event the whole team together builds the most amazing course with the material you win during various challenges.

Together you will cause a spectacular chain reaction. You let a ball roll and set a wagon in motion, it tuffs over a track and collides with domino pebbles. The last pebble, in turn, sets a crank in motion, causing yet another mill to spin … Numerous possibilities, but after the building process, the success of the chain reaction is always the ultimate climax.

In the form of a teambuilding, this provides exciting hours of working together on a self-designed course. Every detail is important and everyone is responsible for the success. Not only the “building plan” is important but also the execution. There is only one solution: close creative collaboration.

In the first part, the building plans are forged and the basic material may be selected.

In the second part, the building process begins and extra material can be gained by bringing various challenges to a successful conclusion.

In the third and last part, the different parts are linked to each other into one big machine and the moment of truth has arrived. The chain reaction is set in motion…


Number of participants

From 10 up to 200 people




from 2 to 5 hours

Budget indication

€45 per participant Attention: different pricing may apply for small groups. Always use our calculator to calculate the correct price.

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