Practical info

Online speeddate

A few tips

Just let it happen and enjoy something new…

Nevertheless, keep the following tips in mind. We have put together some general tips to help you get the best out of your online speed dating experience.

95% of the participants will experience a technically smooth experience.
However, consider these tips in the event things don’t go as planned.

If it doesn't seem to work just right...

Live streaming on a platform with hundreds of people, different internet speeds, on different devices is a recipe for technical overload. We do our best to resolve most of these issues automatically in the background, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our golden rule for the troubleshooting connectivity is to wait for 15 seconds then reload or refresh the webpage. Repeat this a few times if necessary but not frequently. We want to avoid both users doing this simultaneously because that could cause a slower connection.

Your partner can not hear you.

In some cases, it is possible that a user’s device has the wrong microphone selected as their audio-input. This is common and causes your partner to not hear you.

Click the icon below to see if this solves your problem. You’ll find this icon at the upper right corner of your screen.


Whenever you proceed to your online speed date, it is important that no other applications or webpages that require access to your camera are active or open. Only 1 program should have access to your camera.

Therefore, it is important that you close applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, and others alike before opening the link.

Wrong camera?

Have you accidentally selected the wrong camera (any camera other than your front facing camera)?
Change the camera input source by hitting this icon.

You’ll be able to locate this icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Change device while speed dating?

Is your battery running low or are you still having technical issues on your current device? Are you trying to get more comfortable by switching to a laptop device? This is possible.
Whatever the reason might be, our platform fully accommodates users to switch devices whenever they choose to. You can switch devices by simply opening the same link on a different device, refresh the page on the new device and voila! Your call is on the new device. However, it is important to keep in mind that the time required to switch between devices is also time lost chatting with someone. During this process your chat partner will experience a slight loss in connection, so be sure to give them a heads-up first.

Once successfully switched over, close the open page on the previous device. This ensures you avoid any technical difficulties.

Is the position of your own image bothering you?

Just tap and drag it to a different area.

You can use a smartphone, but a laptop is more comfortable.

Yes, it’s possible to use your smartphone to engage in an online speed date. However it may become uncomfortable holding your phone in your hand while you chat. This may also cause the image to appear shaky for your partner.

Do you own a smartphone stand? Now is the time to use it! Or just use a laptop if you have one.

Make good images for your partner

Be sure to avoid dark rooms so that you are visible.
Avoid a direct light source (like daylight through a window or a light bulb).
Try to keep your camera still.

Well-charged or keep it charging

Speed dating is heavy on your battery. Keep in mind to start with a well-charged battery. Also keep your charger close to you in case you start to run low on power.

Or better: keep your device connected to a charger.

Your smartphone or laptop may get warm

Video streaming requires a lot of your resources.

There is a continuous data-transfer, decoding data into live images and projecting them onto your display. The same happens with your audio. And this to and from the internet.

Don’t worry when your device gets hot. This is normal.
This also means a lot of energy is needed. Therefore try to keep your devices charging.

When do you send out the matches?

We send them about 3 hours after the event by email. (In case the match functionality for your speeddate event has been activated by the organiser)

When to visit your personal link?

10 minutes before the start is fine. But visiting it right after you’ve received it is even better. During your first visit we test and verify that you’re using the right browser. If your internet connection is strong enough, we also test your camera.

We save the test data for troubleshooting purposes, but we delete it at the end of each call.

Someone calls you during the speed date

Beware that proper etiquette still applies during an online speed date just as It would offline. This means you avoid answering other calls while on your date.

Note that leaving your browser’s interface to quickly check something else on your device will result in an interruption with your chat partner.

We'll start right on time

We start right on time and not a second later so please be punctual.

Only those who accessed the link at least 15 minutes before the call will be able to participate in the event. Good luck!

Make yourself comfortable

When the speeddate is started, it doesn’t stop until the end. Between each conversation there is a short break of 30 seconds.

So make sure you’re comfortable, keep your bottle of wine within armslength, throw some more wood onto the fire and make a quick bathroom visit beforehand.

Use the right internet browser

iPhone users MUST to use Safari web browser.

All other users (including Android and Mac OS X users) need to use Google Chrome.

Download and install Google Chrome if this is not installed on your device.

Unfortunately, iPads are currently not supported.